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The Tiqit eightythree has been a tremendously valuable marketing tool for conveying the concept of a full-function laptop in the form factor of a handheld computer.

For the past two years Tiqit has been both pursuing and pursued by potential enterprise and government users of Tiqit-class machines. These engagements have led to a great many market trials serving the purpose of optimizing those features that typical professional users are most likely to need in solving their problems. The experiences to date with these trials have so far thorougly vindicated our thinking. We now appear to be well positioned to converge on a manageably small number of solutions staking out the strategic reference points for this new and unexplored space. Until this market matures all bets are off, but in the meantime Tiqit is ideally positioned not only to remain on top of that maturation process but to guide it with the insightful help of its pioneering evaluators.