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Product Overview

That's the Tiqit
The Tiqit (ticket) handheld XP personal computer provides full notebook PC functionality in a PDA-class device. The Tiqit is designed for mobile professionals who require ubiquitous, fully functional, enterprise level applications and rich information wherever they work—on the trading floor, on the road, down the hall, in the warehouse, or in the field. Tiqit runs any enterprise standard operating system—Windows (XP, 2000, NT, 98), Linux, or UNIX. Applications formerly available only on desktop and notebook PC's can now also be deployed on the Tiqit handheld PC. With a 4" color screen, 56-key QWERTY keyboard, x86 compatibility, and standards-based extensibility to support any wireless communication option (WiFi, CDMA, Bluetooth, Infrared, etc.), the Tiqit becomes an indispensable, truly mobile, business productivity tool.

Workforce On the Go

With the Tiqit, mobile workers can now use the same Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Sale Force Automation, custom applications and Email tools that run on their desktop and notebook computers. This flexibility benefits a wide range of mobile workers including financial traders, insurance adjusters, warehouse personnel, health care workers, military personnel, and sales representatives.

Mobile workers typically carry multiple devices such as PDAs, BlackBerrys, and notebook computers to meet all their needs. The Tiqit satisfies these needs with a single handheld device. Tiqit users connect to corporate and public wireless networks, retrieve business-critical data and Internet content, run full-scale enterprise applications, use and manipulate locally-stored rich information (including documents, maps, spreadsheets, pictures, schematics, etc), update proposals on the fly, print documents, give PowerPoint presentations, and read Outlook Email—all from the convenience of one personal computer in the palm of your hand.

Making Business Cents

Supporting mobile workers is becoming increasingly expensive at a time when CIO's are searching for ways to reduce costs. IT costs continue to soar because staff must support a steady stream of new devices. Porting applications to run on PDAs is difficult and maintenance is expensive. End-users are typically dissatisfied with ported software that reduces both application functionality and user productivity. Help desk support costs rise significantly, too, as headcount is increased to troubleshoot unfamiliar devices and ported applications.

Tiqit reduces TCO by eliminating the need for multiple devices, a variety of operating systems, and modified applications. Compact yet powerful, Tiqit preserves your investment in application software while giving your mobile workers the competitive advantage of full PC applications and access to all of the information they need!